Minnesota Juniors Volleyball Club

Season Fees



Season Fees: Our fees are calculated based on a team size of 10 players. If a team has 9 players, the season cost will incur a slight increase of 5-10%, while for teams with 11 players, there's a corresponding reduction of 5-10%.


Inclusive Expenses: Our season fees cover a comprehensive range of team and individual expenses, ensuring a seamless experience for players. These expenses include:


- Coaching: Expert guidance and mentorship for player development.

- Court Rental: Access to training facilities.

- Training HAUS Sessions: In-person weekly training sessions at Training HAUS, supplemented by take-home workouts (varies by team).

- Tournament Entry Fees: Range from $150 for single-day events to $900 for multi-day tournaments.

- Coaches' Travel Expenses: Ensuring our coaches can support your team effectively.

- Uniforms: A complete uniform package comprising backpacks, jerseys, practice shirts, spandex, kneepads, and warm-up attire.

- Administrative Fees: Covering everyday operational costs, website hosting, and other essential expenses.


Additional Costs: Please note that travel expenses are not included in the fees outlined above. If a team qualifies for USAV GJNC, costs related to this event will be additional.


Coach Quality: We take pride in the caliber of our coaching staff. In addition to primary coaches, we have mentor coaches available to provide guidance and support, ensuring players receive the best possible coaching experience. Our coaches are dedicated to both the athletic and personal growth of our athletes, serving as mentors and motivators on and off the court.


Fees Per Team:  A $1000 deposit due at tryouts for 15-18, $700 due for 11-14s.  


12s: $3250

13s: $4350

14s: $5150

15s: $6050

16-1s: $6250

16-2/16-3: $5950

17-1s: $6350

17-2/17-3: $5950

18s: $5450 



*Fundraising options are available, and Fee Schedules can be discussed with Nicole or Ryan Salmon.